Gold Award

TMA-2 Modular Packaging System

AIAIAI & Kilo Design


Johannes Becker (Kilo)

Rasmus Olesen

Extra Credits
Andy Borglind
Peter Hertel

Graphic Finalizer
Mark Ravnsmed Christensen

Rasmus Dengsøe

Christian Buch Lorentzen

Project manager
Karina Morote

Head of Design
Lars Holme Larsen (Kilo)

Graphic Design
Peter Mix Willer (AIAIAI)

Creative Director
Peter Mix Willer (AIAIAI)

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The task was to create a packaging system for a modular headphone with over 20 parts and more than 500 combinations. With a focus on handling both the SKU management, pick & pack solutions for warehouses and webshop orders.

The overall design idea took its cue from minimal, matte black design of the headphones and by the product name. They share the name with the monoliths from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, as well as the similar shape of the hyphen from TMA–2, was used for a grid/pattern symbolising the connection parts and used as typographic solution with an industrial feel, with a purposely limited use of product photography.

More technically the box design and system consist of flatpacked boxes, that are assembled at the warehouses and for each individual order. The embossed standard top box (mainly for webshop orders) connects with a lower box part and contains four resealable/recyclable aluminium bags with Headband, Speaker Unit, Earpads and Cables.

While so-called Presets (predefined sets, mainly for retailers) are special top boxes that show off the product, displays information on the sides, specific to the headphone model.

All top boxes are used together with the standard generic lower box. And are held together using plastic pegs on the sides of the lower box, that also function as a lock system, where you push the two buttons simultaneously, to unlock the lid.

All in all, it’s a systematic typographic language and a design system accommodating unboxing experiences, change over time, future production, introduction of new parts and not least of all, modularity.