Silver Award




Graphic Finalizer
Jeanette Larsen

Svante Lindeburg
Sidsel Godshaw Møller

Troels Degett Holmsted
Sandro Kvernmo
Lars Bjørnstad

Creative Director
Bo Linnemann

Helene Øllgaard

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Glyptoteket is a Copenhagen landmark, a retreat for reflection. We created the new visual identity and communication concept for the world-renowned museum. The task was to make a new visual identity and communication concept that ensures relevance for the renowned and respected 133-year-old museum, while staying true to the guiding vision: That art is about immersion and that its ultimate purpose is to create room for contemplation.

This vision is clear when visiting the museum, but the visual identity needed to follow. For the new identity we focus on art’s ability to put eternal questions into perspective. We’ve used the original titles from pieces in the collection and transformed them into news-like headlines such as ”Adonis leaves Venus this weekend” and “Amor whispers to a young girl this Saturday”. By combining the old stories with a modern way of communicating, Glyptoteket’s identity displays the timelessness of the art pieces. Now, the museum’s eternal messages of love and lust, power and desire are exhibited throughout the city, bringing forward the allure of the past in a contemporary perspective.