Bronze Award




Concept development
Gunvor Jøsendal

Project manager
Gunvor Jøsendal

Trine Bøgkjær

Rikke Blicher

Account Director
Helene Øllgaard

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Astra is the new national Centre for Learning in Science, Technology and Health in Denmark, a new organisation which is the result of the merge of NTS-centeret, Danish Science Factory and ScienceTalenter.

Astra works to ensure that all young people gain insights and skills in science subjects and that a greater proportion of young people choose science education and careers.

Our task was to develop a strong masterbrand, including name and visual identity that has the power to embrace all astra’s activities around the country.

Astra means star in Ancient Greek. A colossal accumulation of energy and light. The symbol is an asterisk meaning a reference pointing towards more knowledge. The visual identity expresses astra as one organization that puts shine on tomorrow’s stars in science, technology and health. The asterisk is, in combination with a playful and distinct colour palette, the driving force of the identity. The master brand colours bubble over to the different projects, showing clear affiliation to astra across platforms.