Silver Award

Reebok Move

Spring / Summer

DIKO Creative

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The Fall/Winter Lookbook is multi-platform display that uses interactivity and slow motion video to reveal Reebok’s new Training, Running and Studio collections in a completely new and compelling way.

Four slow-motion videos accompany each of the five main categories: Women and Men’s Training, Women and Men’s Running, and Studio. Users are able to interact with these videos on their desktop or mobile device, creating a truly interactive way to see every angle. This was also made possible on mobile devices where in-browser video normally is impossible, giving a totally new dimension to mobile browsing.

“We wanted to give the user complete control of the experience. They can manage the videos by swiping, tilting and dragging – and thereby explore the Lookbook on their own pace”.
Users can grab any angle of any video with their cursor when experiencing the Lookbook on their desktop. Touchpoints appear throughout the experience which trigger product page overlays, taking the customer directly to the e-commerce site.